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~*~*~*~* the SLAM BOOK *~*~*~*~

The ME Side:
01. Full Name: guilliam b roque II
02. Nicknames: guilliam
03. Screen name[s]: guilliam, webpilot
04. Age: a millenium and 1, seriously, just count from the year i was born--> its down below.
05. Grade: 20/20 when i was in 3rd year high school that's years back during my varsity days in tennis, i believe the eye test was accurate enough. presently.., i don't have an idea since in my college days.. i am obliged to read a lot of writings that keeps me reading during the wee hours...
06. GWA: modesty aside.., "1.58" .. it makes me lonely to think that though i got such a GWA i didn't graduated as cum laude, i got drops and withdrawn subjects that in my university, it has this policy of automatic refusal for graduating for honors if students has dropped and withdrawal subjects. how bizarre!
07. Sex: male and straight! (",)
08. Birthday: 7 july 1978
09. Zodiac sign: cancer
10. Hospital where you were born: perpetual help??? ( I think? That's what it says in my birth cert.) cebu, philippines
11.Location: West Triangle, Quezon City., 1104
12. Height: don't worry you won't see me in a train station crowded with people! (",)
13. Weight: 130 - 140??? tons(just kidding, pounds), i think? not so sure. im on a diet for the past 3 months.., "one day, one eat diet". it works for me!
14. Hair Color: black
15. Eye Color: black
16. Siblings [name(s) & age(s)]: gilbert(28), aila(27), alezandria(10)
17. Parents names: alejandra and hermie
18. Hobbies: i take sports and hobbies as the same.., wake boarding, wind surfing, lots of watersports! Bass fishing, sometimes driving balls in the driving range(golf), chess and a lot of other board games. I consider webpage designing as a hobby though and a lot of pc games!

The CRUSH Side:
19. Crush: "KARI WUHRER!" , heather graham,
20. Girlfriend: none at the moment, if you wish you could be mine! Joke! (",)
21. If you could BONE anyone in the world, who would
it be?
too gothic to do such... i won't skin anyone to the bone! im a LOVER not a FIGHTER! so roger dogger! ngek!
22. When and who was your 1st crush? grade 1, ruth c. she happens to be my first kiss too doing it at the back of the classroom door. told you.., im such an early bloomer.., my hormones struck me in an early age!
23. What do you first notice about the opposite sex
[looks alone]?
they are of god's gift to men! I prefer noticing the brain side. Beauty is temporary, wisdom is permanent.
24. Your idea of a perfect date: long story...
25. How romantic are you? [1-10]: 10 and a half! (is that valid?)
26. Biggest turn-on: if you can stand without blinking an eye while i do my things on you!~ it would truly turn me on!
27. Ideal girl: geez! this would take a whole day to discuss... basically i guess its the brain that counts.
28. Most romantic thing that happened to you: same... a whole day to discuss... lots! april 1, 1998 for one. -->its not an april fool's day kinda stuff, it's for real. (reminiscin the moment, reminds me of this song: "a peny for your thoughts")

The PAST Side
29. Memory [thing] you miss most: only one name: if im the owner of this adhesive: "mighty bond" i'll rename it to: naomi rachel m. steffens! She's not a material but hell she's one thing that would stick into my mind. seriously speaking.., MY CHILDHOOD! i got a wonderful one.., no regrets about my childhood.. i enjoyed it a lot!
30. If you could go back in time, where would you go? in the loving arms of naomi! seriously.. back to my childhood days... or back before the spaniards colonized the phil.., that way perhaps i could do changes in our present society knowing what the future of my country bears.
31. Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: NONE! Regrets is what I hate most in life, I think a thousand times, that's one way of omitting REGRETS in my vocabulary.
32. Memory you would like to forget: i hate REGRETS! thats why i have NONE, im so-sooo meticulous when it comes to decisions! theres nothing to forget. i am ever satisfied where and what i am right now.
33. What'd you do yesterday? [just curious]: there were lots,.. drunk and got tipsy a bit for one..
34. Last person you talked to on the phone: ms. grace bihag. (a very wonderful girl, she leaves me breathless even on the phone...)
35. Last thing you said: Yngat!
36. Last song you listened to: love me again - patti austin

38. Occupation: a hotshot lawyer-liar, an ambassador/consul/diplomatic envoy/ or whatever post in the ranks of foreign service. presently im a student/no serious connections at the moment.. simply a BUM! (",)
39. Dream Car: lots...
40. Marriage(age): 31, but im not looking forward to that exact age, no one exactly knows what our God in heavens has in store.
41. Kids: i'll marry you!., YOU'LL BE THE MOTHER OF MY ONE DOZEN KIDS! ngek! just kidding! … only "one"… "one dozen of it" (",)
42. Future son's name: guilliam, it depends on my future wife.. the decision of course would not be solely mine.
43. Future daughter's name: guilliane, same also it would depend on what my future wife would wish, then when that time comes I'll tell you what would be my daughter/s name.
44. Honeymoon: no particular, it depends where could the budget take us. Its not actually important on what particular place, I believe its how much me and my future wife can make the most out of it! --> if fate leads us.., why not paris, venice, heidelberg or simply in baguio in phil.., i love the place.. i mean baguio.. its a wonderful place to fall in love and fall in love all over again!
45. Where will you live? any where she wishes to. If she wish that we'll live in the caves/forests or up in the mountains, why not??? The thing is; IF i had married her in the first place, it only means i'll do whatever it pleases her and what she wishes to.
46. What are you doing tomorrow? lots!

47. Food: lots! i got a big appetite! That's one big X factor for a woman for me, I believe: "the best way to a man's heart is thru his stomach"
48. Drink: any, I drink from: saki to lambanog, from vodka to tuba(a native filipino beverage) and anything in between. But I seldom drink.
49. TV show: i seldom sit in front of the "IDIOT BOX"!
50. Movie: lots! - if in the category of love story, its: "the 6th sense" - people consider it a horror or scary movie but it would always be a love story for me! So fuckingly heart warming man! while you were sleeping, sleepless in seattle, movies of tom hanks and rob williams.
51. CD: i got some of it.., what do you wish to borrow??? (",)
53. Color: yellow and blue.. ironic huh???
54. Actor: robin williams, tom hanks
55. Actress: kari wuhrer FOREVER!
56. Weekend Activity: depends on any invitations
57. Day of the week: monday!
59. Month: july
60. Book: the little prince by: antoinne de saint exupery.., its my bible actually.
61. Holiday: no particular, every day is a holiday! YEHEY!
62. Number: 7
63. Cookie: im not in to sweet foods
64. Phrase to overuse: somehow, ohlalaa! yeah baby yeah! tang nang syet!
65. Toothpaste: colgate
66. Ice Cream: i seldom ate sweet things
67. Candy bar: i seldom eat sweet things..
68. Teacher: DR. PERCIVAL S. GABRIEL, he tought me the meaning of POLITICS and the real meaning of LIFE! and of course my late, very responsible DAD!
70. Restaurant: any... as long as its food.., yeah baby yeah!
71. Channel: as i always say.. THE IDIOT BOX IS FOR IDIOTS! --> sorry to offend just being honest
72. Radio Station: rx, wrock, city lite
73. Type of music:any genre!
74. Shampoo/Conditioner: i can use GUGU! heheeh! anything that works.
75. Song: geez! it would take one page to elaborate all!
76. Music Video: you're really an IDIOT are you??? you spend time sitting in front of the IDIOT BOX??? Joke!
77. Sport: hobbies and past times are the same to me; wake boarding, wind surfing (batangas), fishing, snorkeling, fishing, skate boarding when i was in teen years, presently i seldom engage in sport activities but i love sports.., crazy huh? its the sked i guess...
78. Website:
79. Relative: lots! My sis, my bro
80. Hangout: playing CS and a million places since me and my best friend are always out of town.
81. Friend: lots... densyo to site one!

82. Friends: lots! I guess that's what you get when you can keep a secret.
83. Best Friend(s): den.., chie, den..., lots it would take an hour to name all of them!
84. Funniest: funniest??? Corniest ako! me and you! that makes the two of us!
86. Loudest: guilliam! chie.
87. Craziest: guilliam!
88. Skinniest: tina
88. Biggest nose: panchito (RIP), joke,,, hmmm., my friends seemed to have the right nose for them.. hehehe..
89. Best at keeping secrets: my sis!
90. The one you have, but wish you didn't: none. I don't call anyone a "friend" not unless I consider her/him one.
91. Smartest: lots, l.c.s. to name one!
92. Most innocent-looking: del--> edelweiss aguilar (where are you now del?... ms girl on tv!)
93. Sweetest: edelweiss
94. Hottest: KARI WUHRER!- how I wish I personally know her and im her lover!
95. Weirdest: I consider my self as weirdo!
96. Most hyper:guilliam
97. Biggest pervert:guilliam!!!... ohlalala baby! thats me!?? don't you think? (",)
98. Most annoying:
99. Quietest: the neighboring nuns here, (nun in the morning, none in the evening)

101. Do you believe in angels? kinda
102. Aliens? kinda
103. Heaven & Hell? im an AGNOSTIC..., don't ask me!
104. God? im an agnostic! I believe in a supreme being: GOD.
105. Yourself? Yeah baby yeah!

106. Been on a plane: are you crazy! i didn't grew up in the mountains!
107. Cried in public: yeah!
108. Climbed a tree: yes
109. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: i think so...
110. Kissed a girl: ask me how many times... i'll tell you i haven't! (",) im still a virgin baby! He! He! He! yeah i kissed a girl and a dog too!
111. Met a celebrity: are you nuts?!
112. Met the president: yeah, my educ happens to be more in politics, met 1 in person. past president that is.. a very short interview back in college.
113. Been scared to get a shot: yeah, when it was my turn into BUNJEE jumping! --> seriously i think almost everyone have their own fears?? don't you think?
114. Gotten a cavity: yeah, doesnt everyone goes to that stage? from milk teeth to .. nah.. whatever.
115. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: nope, theres no particular shop here in ph. i got some A&F stuffs though.
116. Had an online relationship: yeah.., purely sexual baby! the moment we met she just used me and left me disarmed! geez! why are women like that???? (",)
117. Did the nasty: show the ass thing! i think the crowd liked it., i mean not the act but the butt! hahaaha!
118. Said, "I love you," and meant it: yeah, i've been in love! Still waiting for it to strike me again.
119. Made prank calls: yes!
120. Gone skinny dipping: yes..., in Bohol! --> high school days... (",) yeah baby yeah!
121. Skipped school: yeah.., a lot! im a late sleeper., its not on my intention to skip school but my bio insists.
122. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: YES! somehow.., things just goes that way.. when you loved somebody or loved something too much it HURTS.
123. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute girls: yes. im a pervert remember???


124. [a] sitting on a wet toilet seat OR [b] finding
out there is no TP half way through:
125. [a] kissing someone who just threw up OR [b]kissing someone who just ate taco bell: both! i havent kissed someone remember?? im still a full virgin! ngek! (",)
126. [a] you don't know how to ride a bike OR [b]
you don't know how to rollerblade:
i know both, rollerblade and bike... i hate to think about people who does not know how to ride a bike.
127. [a] you lose a finger OR [b] you lose a toe: ngek!
128. [a] you are a rotten apple OR [b] you are
chunky milk
: milk, I hate it even its fresh!
129. [a] watching reruns of Full House OR [b]
watching reruns of Gilligans Island:
full house for me.. i have no idea whats giligans island is? is that all about this giant in LILIPUT land?

130. Bill Clinton: ohlalaa! baby! you're one hell of a lean mean, fucking machine, man!
131. Lollipops: can you lick it the way i like it????
132. Dreams: "dreams can come true" according to: GABRIELLE
133. Love: it only strikes few times! Like lightning, you would be lucky enough if you'll be hit twice.
134. Whipped Cream: if you can put it in there.., i'll lick it for you....
135. South Park: he! he! he! … go! South park!
136. Boy Bands: are you nuts!
137. Guys: geez!????
138. Girls: ohlalaa baby! you girls are God given gifts.
139. Death: i'll be there someday... I'll just accomplish the things im destined to… don't worry, we'll see each other there somehow! (",)

140. Dog/Cat: both
141. Blue/Purple: blue
142. Chocolate/Vanilla: none, im not into sweets
143. Underwear/Bra: both! If youre talking about taking it off…. (",) i prefer to be a brassier
144. Pen/Pencil: pencil.., i happen to have a collection of pencil... got hundreds of it already(600 more or less!)
145. Plumber/Trashman: plumber
146. Ear/Eye: ears! i love to lick them! --> seriously eyes.. its the window of our souls i believe.
147. Rich and unhappy/Poor and happy: poor and happy, nobody can buy real happiness!
148. Tall/Short: both theres an advantage being short and vice versa. being cute is an advantage.

The QUESTIONS THAT DON'T MATTER, BUT I'M STILL ASKING Side 149. Do you sleep with a stuff animal?: nope! i sleep with nothing on! Joke!
150. Last time you showered: just a while ago.. you can still smell the cologne you dumbo!
151. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: yellow
152. How many buddies do you have on your list? lots!
153. Do you like this survey? yeah! it got me hooked
154. What are the last 4 digits of your number? 9630
155. One pillow or two, cotton or feather? 1, cotton
156. Last CD you bought: patti austin
157. How long are you in the shower?: 20 - 25 min, long huh?
158. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup? geez! the hell is that??? A cake? I don't consume sweet things a lot, remember.
159. Feelings on abortion: case to case basis, if it is done due to critical medical state of the mother in giving birth then its logically acceptable BUT if its about unwanted pregnancy--> it sucks man! abortion for that reason are for IRRESPONSIBLE individuals! if you can't stand the responsibility try taking a full cup of IODIZED salt.., perhaps that could help enlighten your thoughts! (",)
160. Is Tupac alive? tupac, ja rule, whoever! they are all just en passing!
161. Thoughts on Britney Spears: huh?! take it seriously man! you're still nuts or what?
162. What does your screen name mean? guilliam??? that happens to be my name!
163. Who do you most admire: KARI WUHRER! i'll marry her, she'll be the mother of my one dozen kids!!! joke! seriously..., LEE KUAN YEW. in a country/nation like phil, i believe we need a "lee kuan yew" to unite and lead the nation to be great again! a thorough revision of the society's mentality and economic revolution for the mass. empowerment of the many and the devolution of the filipino style of politics, devolution in the sense of decentralizing curruption and curruption of power!
164. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?: right.., but i touch myself with both hands!(ambidextrously)--> it does not fit using my one hand alone. joke! (",)
165. What is on your mouse pad?: blue, genius mouse pad, why? whats the importance???
166. What is under your bed?: a gap of air, time and space.., a sub woofer and trillions of quarks!
167. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: i can't count. I love licking, I don't love counting. figures you know?
168. Do you like the person that sent you this survey?: i met her in baguio, coincidentally., she lives just near by my place in the city. i haven't seen her for a long time... about liking her... hell why not? shes a wonderful companion to be with... wish i could spend some quality time with her.
169. Of all the people you sent this to, who would
most likely respond?:
ah...... obviously! this is my first time to recv and reply to this kind of crap over the email...., crap huh? i usually disregard this kind of emails! But obviously im getting the craps out of it! (",) he! he! he!